Date Article
26th July 2023 TOI L&T to buy back Rs 10000cr shares
25th July 2023 ET Companies may be allowed to delist via fixed price
24th March 2023 ET Sebi to end permanent board positions
02nd March 2023 TOI Adani scraps fully subscribed FPO
19th December 2022 ET Buyback norm changes on SEBI agenda
26th November 2022 TOI Adani Enterprises to raise 20000 crores
29th September 2022 ET Sebi set to allow confidential pre-filing of IPO
06th May 2022 TOI Inflation war shrink IPOs
04th May 2022 TOI Tata Steel pips TCS in profits
27th December 2021 ET Sebi board to clear proposals on IPO reforms
11th November 2021 BS India PE VC funding leads over peers
25th September 2021 TOI Tatas lead wealth creation
12th July 2021 TOI Pledged BSE 500 stocks value shrinks
12th May 2021 TOI Pledged BSE 500 stocks value shrinks
25th March 2021 ET Sebi may make it easier to take startups public
20th Nov 2020 ET Sebi proposes to revamp delisting rules
08th Oct 2020 TOI TCS unveils another buyback
01st Oct 2020 ET Sebi eases rules for delisting
04th July 2020 BS Promoters tightened grip with stake hikes
25th June 2020 TOI Why cheaper stocks could mean vanishing companies
06th May 2020 ET SEBI rejects easing QIP norms
01st May 2020 TOI Reliance plans largest rights issue
02nd April 2020 ET India Inc pays 36000 crs dividend
18th March 2020 ET Promoters rush to increase stake
05th March 2020 BS Overseas listings dry up
01st Jan 2020 ET Foriegn strategic investors sell record equity
20th November 2019 BS - Companies Act amendment rights issue
20th November 2019 ET - PMS rules set to get stricter
22th August 2019 ET - INEOS may be first MNC to delist after budget public float proposal
27th June 2019 BS - employees are writing cheques to buy out promoter stakes
19th December 2018 SEBI sets panel for DVRs
19th December 2018 ET - SEBI sets panel for DVR
20th Apr 2018 TOI TCS rewards shareholders
12th Oct 2017 ET - PE firms make hay
10th Oct 2017 Mint Offer for sale dominate IPOs
17th Feb 2017 TOI TCS plans share buyback
10th Oct 2016 ET SEBI Reviews Non compete fees
29th Sep 2016 ET Direct Delisting under takeover norms
14th Jul 2016 Mint - leveraged buyouts on the rise
30th Nov 2015 ET Investors may get exit option for IPO funds
24th Aug 2015 ET Sebi to make share trading cheaper and simpler
13th Aug 2015 ET Religare Credit closes maiden debt fund
18th May 2015 BS Emerson acquires Ameya Transmissions
11th May 2015 BS Firms on foreign fund raising spree
20th Apr 2015 ET Linking Ecomm valuations and viability
3rd Apr 2015 BS Will FY16 be year of IPOs
15th Jan 2015 BS Preferential equity down by a third
10th Jan 2015 ET SEBI gives Mutual Funds leeway in IPOs
29th Dec 2014 BS Foreign Equity issuances lack pull
20th Nov 2014 BS Sebi revamps delisting, listing norms
14th Oct 2014 ET Delisting process to get faster, cheaper for investors
24th Sep 2014 Mint Everstone in talks with Shravan Shroff for Cinemasia venture
28th July 2014 BS Market rally throws buybacks offtrack
22th July 2014 ET Companies with FCCBs breathe easy
7th July 2014 BS Spin off season on Dalal Street
20th June 2014 ET IPO norms eased
28th May 2014 ET New delisting regulations
8th April 2014 Preferential equity issues at 14 yr high
26th November 2013 Mylan two indian companies line up to buy Bafna Pharma
18th November 2013 SEBI to make frauds disclosures a must
29th October 2013 SEBI may allow companies to issue convertible bonds with IPO
24th September 2013 Government to review FCCB, DR rules
13th September 2013 Cash rich Castrol to reward its shareholders
1st August 2013 Less to gain if anchor investors in IPO related to merchant banker
21st June 2013 Sebi may make it mandatory for firms to buy back 50% of offer from investors
1stMay 2013 Unilever offers to pay $5.4 billion to raise stake in Hindustan Unilever to 75 per cent
23rd April 2013 Saint-Gobain sees big sell-off post plans to merge Grindwell Norton
21stMarch 2013 Multinational firms shun delisting weaker arms
11th March 2013 Voting rights transfer
07th March 2013 Illiquid stocks may move to hourly call auction
28th February 2013 Primary market shows signs of life
24th November 2012 Centre turns pragmatic on divestment pricing
05th September 2012 Open offers pour in on low valuations
10th August 2012 SEBI likely to make ASBA mandatory in IPOs
22nd July 2012 The rise and rise of boutique investment banks
06th July 2012 Affluent Indian investor club takes to crowd funding
27th Jun 2012 Sebi makes it easier for promoters to dilutet
30th May 2012 Private Equity funds turn to peers to exit
03rd April 2012 480 companies vulnerable to hostile takeover
09th March 2012 PE backed companies to drive action in primary market
23rd January 2012 Companies may need to disclose source of funds in Pref allotment
11th January 2012 SEBI halves time for share buybacks
04th January 2012 SEBI allows Promoters for Auctioning Stakes
17th December 2011 In Street's worst year in three, buybacks soar
29th July 2011 SEBI Changes Code to Ease Takeovers
15th June 2011 IPO Tap dries Up
18th May 2011 ET - Boutique Banks come into their own
21st April 2011 BS - India Inc in bond redemption fix
09th April 2011 ET - India Inc takes rights issues route to raise funds
05th April 2011 ET - Empowered investors make delisting tough for MNCs
31st March 2011 Mint - Schneider Electric to acquire Smartlink's Digilink Business
31st March 2011 DealCurry - Schneider Buys Smartlink Network's Digilink Business For Rs 503 Cr
16th February 2011 Mint - IPOs lose sheen for PE firms looking to exit
26th January 2011 ET - MNCs face delisting hurdles
14th January 2011 ET - MNCs may use market slide to buy out minority holders
13th December 2010 ET SEBI wants owners to come clean on off market deals
04th November 2010 BS Conversion blues for FCCB issuers
26th October 2010 ET Sebi issues warrants to rein in promoters
26th October 2010 ET Brand building Companies deriving business value from intangibles
25th October 2010 BS FCCB pressure looms on corporates
08th September 2010 BS A few IPO swallows dont make a stock market summer
18th August 2010 Mint Sequoia Capital to invest in Quick Heal Technologies
18th August 2010 BS Sequoia Capital invests Rs 60 crs in Quick Heal Technologies
17th August 2010 VC Circle Sequoia invests Rs 60crs in Quick Heal
17th July 2010 ET SEBI panel wants open offer trigger set at 25%
18th June 2010 ET public bonus issue
05th June 2010 DNA 25% public holding
25th May 2010 ET ADR GDR holders may get to vote
05th May 2010 ET IPO timeline
27th April 2010 ET NBFCs may get QIB tag
26th April 2010 BS New IPO norms
22nd April 2010 ET Warrants conversion
06th April 2010 MINT DNA SEBI reduces listing time
09th March 2010 MINT Level playing field in IPOs
08th March 2010 DNA Sebi levels field with QIB rule
05th March 2010 ET FCCB holders
19th February 2010 DNA IPOs and Budget
18th February 2010 Stocks of multinationals sizzle on delisting hopes
07th January 2010 ABG Shipyard acquires 15% in Great Offshore
21st December 2009 IPO bound companies may have to keep 25% with public
03rd December 2009 Bharati Shipyard wins race for Great Offshore
10th November 2009 SEBI proposes sweeping changes in public offers
07th October 2009 Promoters, PEs won't have it easy any more
03rd September 2009 Is government overpricing PSU IPOs?
16th June 2009 QIP pricing revision hits new issuers
12th June 2009 SEBI makes its tough for companies to delist
18th February 2009 MNC Open Offers under SEBI lens
19th January 2009 Buyback offers roiling shares
14th January 2009 Lower growth projections cast shadow on PE deals
06th January 2009 Companies go slow on share buy-backs
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